Premier League players will have George Floyd on their minds, says psychologist Steven Sylvester

"When I speak privately as I do for many hours a week with Premier League footballers, they all have a voice and they all want to find a way to make sure unfairness gets resolved"

Arsenal players took a knee in support of Black Lives Matter before their friendly against Brentford on Wednesday

Arsenal players sent a "strong message" by wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts before their friendly against Brentford on Wednesday night, while Liverpool and Chelsea were among a host of Premier League clubs to show their support by taking a knee during training last week.

Protesters walk with signs near the White House during George Floyd protests

Crystal Palace defender Patrick van Aanholt says he is "100 percent prepared" to take a knee in his first game back when the season resumes and Sylvester - who works closely with Premier League players in his role as a chartered psychologist - says many will be affected by recent events.

"It would be remiss of me not to mention George Floyd and the whole feeling of inequality, access to opportunity and to have a fair opportunity to do your work, whoever you are in society," he told Sky Sports News.

"As a psychologist, I spend a lot of time hearing people's stories about fairness, justice, inequality and it would be wrong to say that it isn't on their minds. Every player is thinking about that.

Steven Sylvester works as a chartered psychologist in sport and business. Picture credit: John Cassidy